" Taking beef to new premiums "                                  

The beginnings

We started breeding Gelbvieh  beef cattle in 1989 after extensive research to find a breed that could be used in crossbreeding programs to produce calves that were born easily and possessed  the ability to grow to market weights in minimum time periods and finish with maximum muscling and optimum fat cover.  We were also looking for a breed that exhibited strong maternal and fertility traits as well as early puberty. Our research led us to the results of the extensive trials  conducted by the Meat Animal Research Centre  (MARC) in Nebraska USA.  Gelbvieh cows consistently excelled as the breed  that would wean more pounds of beef  per cow exposed than any other breed or cross of breeds.

More recently we introduced  Red Angus as it became obvious  after many years of crossbreeding with our Gelbviehs that the Angus breed offered the best options to produce the ideal carcase animal. The Balancer, as the cross is known, has created a huge impact in North American beef herds and is now strongly establishing itself in Australia.

We chose red as years of breeding beef cattle had proven to us that red cattle were more consistent, with stronger phenotypes,  greater  softness and easier finishing ability whilst maintaining or increasing growth rates and carcase quality.

We also breed a specially selected line of Black Gelbviehs because we do acknowledge the huge contribution that black cattle make to the beef industry.