" Taking beef to new premiums "                                  

March 2018   A  dry Winter and Spring was not much better. Sale bulls have managed well on a hay supplement and pasture. Have Red and Black purebred Gelbviehs and Balancers and Red Angus available for sale.  A  steady enquiry and still only the beginning of the Autumn sales. Some have already gone to new homes  and there are some good bulls still looking for a new home. Call us to arrange an inspection.        
August 2017  We are very excited with the black bulls we have available for sale this year and would love to show them to you if you are looking to add some muscle   and quiet temperament to you next drop of calves. These bulls are now around 2 year old and keen to work.  We  have set the price at $3500 per head because we feel that they would be far better in your paddock working than in our paddock looking for work.                                                      Geltas Moonshine at 18 months  750 kg grass and silage fed.

February 2016     Bull sale time is now ready to roll. Not the best leadup I can remember, in fact the last 18 months has been probably the worst period that anyone can remember in Tasmania. The historical records also indicate the worst on record. Statewide has been well below average rainfall and a very cold, dry winter. As a result conserved fodder is in high demand and at prices never seen before. To say we need a good early Autumn break is a gross understatement.

We, like many others have gone through our herd and reduced numbers to try and provide feed for the keepers. The upside has been the excellent prices being paid by the processors for all lines of cattle.   We were also fortunate that a return commercial buyer selected some more commercial cow/ calf units to add to their herd. They are so impressed with the performance of the Balancer cattle and the quality of the calves they produce. Had another prospective buyer ring last week and after a short chat said he would come for a look. He had read an article about Gelbvieh in a magazine. An easy sale once he saw the cattle. His parting comment was "I'll be back for more after I"ve sold some more old cows"

Naturally we culled our keeper bull mob very heavily and the result is we only have 7 bulls available for sale this year. These are all top shelf bulls that anyone should be proud to add to their herd.

Freight subsidies available to mainland purchasers. We breed bulls for sale, not just to look good in our paddock

          Denis  0418 134540     [email protected]       Tim   0409 997855  

Geltas Kosciusko             Born 28 September 2014     

Birth weight  40 kg                   Weight  726 kg  on 4/3/2016                              Sire:   Geltas Hierachy              Dam:  Ebony Lodge Pauline E29

Kosciusko was Junior champion bull at Launceston Royal Show in 2015

He has developed very well. Long and smooth and a power of muscle. walks well on a great set of feet and legs.  Has a magnificent temperament and is so easy to handle. Our 14 year old junior handler won Champion handler at one show parading Kosciusko. A first year handler, following in the footsteps of her mother who was a handler with us many years ago.   Sold

Geltas Karma  ( AI)           Born 11/4/2014      Birth weight 43 kg

Sire: CIRS Decade      Dam: Norolle Shady Lady E50

Bred in the purple, Karma had a successful show season last year and then was the backup sire to 30 cows after an AI program. We think very highly of this bull and he has the typical Gelbvieh  placid nature.  Excellent topline and sound structure he carries himself very well. Loves his cows and always looking for more. Would complement any stud or commercial herd. Available for sale but will remain as a sire in our stud if not sold.  We have been very impressed with our Decade cattle.


Geltas Krystone           Born  3 May 2014   

Birth weight  39kg               Weight on 4 March 2016   718  kg  

Sire: Macquarie Frank          Dam: Ebony Lodge Gemstone 

We selected Krystone as the joining sire for our stud heifers and first calf Balancer heifers.   His temperament is second to none and his structure is excellent. Length of body and beautifully clean through the shoulders are some of his standout features. An excellent muscle pattern and his depth makes him a complete package.  Sold  ( 3 semen shares) We are retaining the other share and possession

We have taken semen from Krystone and have it available for sale  for commercial use  only

Geltas Kryptonite    Born  7 September 2014 

Birth weight 37kg               Weight on 4 March 2016 

Sire: Geltas Hierachy         Dam: Crystal Creek Aster

If you want thickness and earlier maturity this is the bull for you. Would be ideal for vealer production to add growth and shape.  Don't miss this one he will be one of the first to go.


Geltas King Kong    Born  1 November 2014   

 Birth weight  36 kg        Weight 4/3/16  584 kg   

 Sire:  Fairlight Centurion     Dam:  Geltas Excelle X162

King Kong is a typical Centurion calf, has that extra bit of length and a strong topline to carry himself.  Dam is one of our good old cows, but sadly at 13 years of age she had to move on as we have enough younger replacements.

Centurion was Senior Champion Interbreed bull at Launceston Royal in 2015


Red Angus      Geltas Kracker    Born   30 April 2014                               Birth weight  38kg        Weight on 4/3/ 2016  703kg  

 Sire:  Pine Park Hillbillie Deluxe (ET)        Dam: Invocera Ember

Kracker is a very well balanced bull with plenty of muscle and oozing with softness. He was a standout calf and has developed into a very impressive bull

Retained for in herd use

 Kracker is now 4 years old and we have used him extensively in our Balancer breeding program. A great looking bull and sound as.

Geltas Karma   14 months     by CIRS Decade 

out of  Norolle Shady Lady

Karma is being prepared for the Spring show season

8th June 2015.     We currently have a selection of  yearling off bulls for sale, including Pure Gelbvieh,  Red Angus and Balancer (Gelbvieh x Red Angus).   We have an outstanding line of bull calves sired by Geltas Hierarchy out of some of our top cows. Be early for the best choice.  Priced from $2200
Geltas Karma  14 months  and  Geltas  i Kandy  10 months after a day in the yards with brush and halter.

11th May 2015.            Hope to get some photos of sale bulls soon and post details.   One bull, Geltas Jagermeister , born August 2013 , was part of our 2014 show team and retained to use as our joining sire for the Spring calvers.

 Due to the high demand last year all other bulls were sold and the rest of this years sale bulls are yearlings. 

November 2014    We currently do not have any bulls for sale as all working age bulls have been sold. Congratulations to all purchasers, we trust your new sires will meet and exceed your expectations. The next drop of sale bulls will be available in the Autumn of 2016

Geltas Heirachy   ( AI )       Tattoo:  GTPH29       Born:  22-5-2012

Sire:  CIRS Decade 278U2             Dam:  Norolle Lady in Red D49

Scan data          12-1-2014       EMA:  104       IMF:  2.30        

Hierachy was the most successful bull in our show team last year being placed in Interbreed classes several times.  He is long and smooth with adequate muscle and excellent structural correctness.  He was used lightly in the herd last Spring as a backup to our AI program and on other selected females from the top end of our stud herd.   His dam, Norolle  Lady in Red was the calf at foot to the Grand Champion Female at both Sydney Royal and Rockhampton Beef in 2009.                        Asking $3,500 but will consider all genuine offers.   SOLD to breed Balancers.

Geltas Headline  ( AI )             Tattoo:  GTPH49           Born:  6-8-2012

Sire:  DLW Wardon 24W                 Dam:  Norolle Shady Lady  E50

Scan data  12-1-2014       EMA:  119         IMF:  3.20

Headline is another outstanding bull that would be an outcross to most Australian studs. Tremendous muscling and growth and excellent testicular development. Ideal for use in a Balancer program to add many extra dollars to weaners at sale time. Out of another of the top Norolle cow families.   Asking $3,500  but will consider all                                                                                                 genuine offers.                                                                                                 SOLD   Headline , Jedi the Force and Balancer J56 have all been sold and   are heading over the water to commence a Balancer program.


Geltas Brutus H42      Tattoo:  GTPH042   Born: 27-7-2012

Sire: Macquarie Frank   F10            Dam:  Golden Gate Yallanda

Scan data  12-1-2014             EMA 100           IMF   2.80

This bull is an outstanding example of what the Gelbvieh breed  is all about. Dark red coated with thickness and balance, plenty of depth in the hind quarter and eye appeal.         Asking  $2900    

Other bulls sold include Jabbawocky and Teddy. Both sold to return buyers